Polypropylene vs Paper Business Cards; A Winner Emerges!
Issued by Green Tags & Card, July 25, 2012

Business cards are a universal business tool. Aside from face-to-face interaction, it can be argued that business cards are the single-most valuable marketing communications tool that a business has; surpassing Web sites, printed brochures, tradeshow exhibits, packaging, and advertising.


Business cards are an extension of the face-to-face interaction that has occurred. And even if face-to-face interaction has not occurred (like where a business card is attached to a sales letter), a business card carries with it a personal touch that humanizes a business communication that other marketing communication tools just can't match.

So, how do you make them even better? Easy. Recyclable Polypropylene!


Recyclability is an obvious benefit. Yes, paper is recyclable as well, but you first have to kill a few trees! Polypropylene is petroleum-based, so it doesn't require deforestation. Also, Polypropylene is easier to recycle and uses less water in the recycling process.


he benefits of Polypropylene Business Cards go far beyond recyclability and durability. Yes, they are far more durable than paper business cards. They can only be torn with great effort and they are not compromised by moisture. But there are several other benefits that are not as obvious.

QR Codes That Last
Printing QR Codes on business cards has gained popularity. But printing these on paper business cards is risky. Unless they are printed on glossy stock, there is a likelihood that the ink on the paper will degrade, making the QR Code unreadable and pointless. However, when printed on Polypropylene, the QR Code will remain sharp and readable.
Custom Shapes and Durability = A Lasting Impression

How about custom shapes? Paper business cards in custom shapes are certainly possible, but their durability often suffers. Imagine an auto repair business that wanted a business card in the shape of a car with the hood up. With a paper business card in that shape, the hood portion would risk being torn off every time the card is handled! But in Polypropylene, that design would be durable and very distinctive.

Inexpensive Polypropylene Business Cards
What about cost? Paper tends to be less costly in most cases when compared to Polypropylene. However, the benefits or Polypropylene (impact, durability and design flexibility) almost always tip the scales in favor of Polypropylene, when it comes to actual value. In fact, because most people know there is a price differential, your potential clients or business partners will take you more seriously if they know you didn¡¯t take the cheapest route possible.
Polypropylene Business Cards? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!
Can Polypropylene Business Cards be digitally printed? What about variable data printing? Can a foil effect be incorporated? Can they have a glossy or matte finish? Can you help me print QR Code? Can my Polypropylene Business Cards be foldable and custom shaped? Will my high definition graphics, photos and data be super sharp? At Green Tags & Card, the answers to these questions are all ¡°Yes, of course!¡± We are eager for your business and look forward to servicing your Polypropylene Business Card order.
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